A rural, tranquil area in the Quechee Lakes Region.

Welcome to Hartford

A rural, tranquil area in the Quechee Lakes Region

Hartford, in Windsor County, Vermont, is a rural and tranquil town that those who enjoy peace and solitude can happily call home. Hartford has 449 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including eight historic districts. You’ll see many different examples of architectural styles in Hartford, such as Greek-Revival, Colonial Revival, Queen Anne, and other styles.

What to Love


  • Quechee Lakes Region is known for golfing and skiing
  • A peaceful, rural, and tranquil area
  • Near the White River and Connecticut River
  • The beautiful Ottauquechee River flows through Hartford

Local Lifestyle

The local lifestyle in the town of Hartford is tranquil and easy-going. Hartford is a quiet town with a traditional suburban feeling. People here have space to keep to themselves, given the town’s rural location. Hartford is the perfect town for those who appreciate the sound of silence and prefer a slow and steady pace of life.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Thyme has a variety of items on its menu, including linguini, meatloaf, salads, and more. They use locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, so the menu changes with the seasons. The Sesame Pork and Ginger Meatloaf is a winter favorite on the menu, but it's the desserts that people love. The Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding and Irish Apple Cake with caramel sauce will have you coming back just for dessert.
Tuckerbox Café is famous for its coffee, espresso, and authentic Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. The Pastirma and Eggs is a breakfast favorite of Hartford residents, made with air-dried, seasoned, and cured beef tenderloin with a cumin paste topped with sunny side eggs. Enjoy it with the Mediterranean Mimosa made with Turkish apricot juice, orange blossom water, and Turkish sparkling wine. 
Big Fatty’s is where the kids love to go and play with the stocked toys. Adults enjoy the flavorful, award-winning Southern BBQ. Big Fatty’s offers plenty of burgers, BBQ, sides, beers, and more to choose from. Their Big Feed, with ribs, chicken, and pulled pork, makes it easy to grab dinner on the go with everything you need to feed the family. 
Hartford has numerous concerts in the park. Camping, hiking, and other activities are available at the Quechee State Park. The Covered Bridges Half Marathon raises money for a good cause, a tradition that dates back to 1992. 
The annual Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival decorates the sky every year and provides food and entertainment to enjoy while you watch the balloons launch and soar. There are plenty of events to look forward to at the festival, including scheduled flights, live music, food, entertainment, performances, and more. 
The Revolution has eco-chic apparel in a lovely boutique. Revolution, approaching the 18th anniversary of its first opening, sells jewelry, apparel, gear, and accessories for both men and women. Another notable shop is Simon Pearce, a store that sells student and alumni mementos, handcrafted glass and pottery, lighting, tableware, and home décor.

Things to Do

At the Amtrak Train Depot in Hartford, you can ride the trains. The trains provide their own unique amenities, such as café service and Wi-Fi onboard. You can also visit the Nott Family Farm and discover why Vermont really does possess the best maple syrup around.
At the picturesque Quechee Gorge, known as Vermont’s “Little Grand Canyon”, and the North Hartland Dam Recreation Area, a park close to Clay Hill and Miller Hill you can observe the beautiful foliage season from mid-September to mid-October. You will see Vermont’s best and most vibrant fall colors painted upon its leaves.
In Hartford, Vermont, you can climb into a hot air balloon for the experience of a lifetime! Every flight is a unique adventure due to the varying winds and weather that affect each individual ride. One thing’s for sure though, a scenic ride with an experienced pilot is an offer that most people shouldn’t pass up!


The Hartford School District serves the students in the Hartford community.



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